The gaze

“This work depicts a spectator’s state of gazing. The gaze—a steady intent look—possesses two different aspects. It is seemingly static when the gazer is being observed, while it can be filled with mobile emotions from the inner world of the gazer. The externally static aspect is reflected in the use of the basic material —the opening symmetrical chord— which has a balanced and timeless quality. Internally, the gaze is filled with enigmatic emotions imaginable for an observer: nonchalance, turbulence or any emotions in between. These are revealed in the course of the music which ends with a series of dynamic gestures.” – Chia-Ying Lin

Recensioni: Hufvudstadsbladet (Mats Liljeroos, 09 August 2015): “Lagerspetz started by playing the piece by the 25-year old third-prize winner Chia-Ying Lin from Taiwan. The piece The Gaze lasts about 10 minutes and it combines elements from contemporary and traditional aesthetics in an exciting way, as it combines the use of distant and bass registers. Sometimes one could recognise Messiaenistic ecstasy in the music, but often it also seemed that Lin had found her own way to handle the instrument.” (English version translated from Swedish)

Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music, Taiwan in August 2020: “Gazing and being gazed, still and moving, less and more, inner and extrinsic: all inseparably coexist. The composer set out to explore the movement and stillness, showing a dynamic spaceof ‘inclusiveness’ and creating ultraquality with its sophisticated harmony, strength and texture”. (English version translated from Traditional Chinese)


  • Titolo: The gaze
  • Organico: pianoforte solo
  • Anno di composizione: 2014
  • Durata: 11’- 12’ circa
  • Prima esecuzione: Mänttä Music Festival on 07 August 2015 in Mänttä, Finland.
  • Ascolti: Juhani Lagerspetz at XVII Mänttä Music Festival, Finland.
  • Numero di catalogo: E404-019
  • ISMN cartaceo: 9790520240352
  • ISMN digitale: 9790520240345
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