“This piece was inspired by the concept of «Isolarion»: a type of fifteenth-century map that describes specific areas in detail, but does not provide a clarifying overview of how these places are related to one another. The piece focuses on the homogenous formation of the string instruments while seeks to explore its spatial and temporal possibilities at play in the looseness of the Isolarion. Each of the string instruments is imagined as an island of archipelago. The relationship between the quartet shifts during the course of the piece instead of being fixed by a central authority. Far from being divided and isolated, the flexible configuration of Isolarion reveals polycentrism, creating a vision that is diverse and intertwined and spaces that are inter-related and co-constructed. The shifting relations prompt dialogues between the imagined archipelagic quartet and generate creative energy for the piece” – Chia-Ying Lin.

  • Titolo: Isolarion
  • Organico: Quartetto d’archi
  • Anno di composizione: 2019
  • Durata: 10’ circa
  • Dedicatario: Quatuor Béla
  • Ascolti: Quatuor Béla 
  • Numero di catalogo: E404-018
  • ISMN cartaceo: 9790520240376
  • ISMN digitale: 9790520240369


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